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In the current political environment psychiatric leadership is needed now more than ever. Such leadership is crucial, not only to improve the quality of our patients' care, but also to ensure the best access and availability for the most vulnerable. Thus, we have a responsibility to ensure the best leadership possible in the field of psychiatry.

The American Association for Psychiatric Administration and Leadership (AAPAL) is cognizant of this responsibility and strives to provide maximum support for and development of future leadership in psychiatry. Our new AAPAL website invites future and energetic young leadership in psychiatry (residents, fellows and early career psychiatrists) to join our great and growing organization.

With our current senior leadership, we offer a platform of shared values, ​​especially for those who are eager to learn and become the outstanding psychiatric leaders of tomorrow and learn the competencies that comes with it.  

Therefore, as the 30th president of the American Association for Psychiatric Administration and Leadership I wholeheartedly welcome you join our membership. Together, we can strive to develop platforms and opportunities to help develop the best psychiatrist leaders in the U.S. and worldwide. One avenue through which this might be achieved are AAPAL webinars available on request that can to fit seamlessly into your training program or work location.

So if you are a resident, MIT trustee, ECP or fellow and want to talk and learn about different aspects of psychiatric administration and leadership, take up the challenge of contacting us and ask us to give an interactive webinar about leadership, professional growth and administrative issues at your university, training institution or workplace.

Particularly in light of the recent challenges posed by COVID-19, we recognize the importance of leadership in psychiatry. This makes now a more important time than ever to join and get the most out of your membership. 

Victor J. A. Buwalda, MD, PhD, IDFAPA

President of the American Association for Psychiatric Administration and Leadership

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Dr Victor J.A. Buwalda was educated in Amsterdam at the Academic University Medical Center Former Vrije Univeriteit) and became psychiatrist in 2002. As psychiatrist his interest always has been Psychiatric Administration and leadership what resulted into his That resulted in his PhD-research in the field of psychiatric administration and leadership: The HORVAN Study Part I on the use of measurement instruments in daily clinical practice in the outpatient clinic (2002-2004) and HORVAN Study Part II were he investigated the use and implementation of feedback reports during treatment and the attitude of the therapist and patient (2006-2011). Together with prof. Jan Vissers (Institute of Health Policy &  Management (iBMG), Rotterdam) he also published  the organizational challenges that he met during his research. 
High points in his career are the creation of the International Medical Student Exchange Program (IMSEP) (1989-2000). He supervised 53 Dutch students in medicine, biology, psychology and chemistry at the National Institutes of Health, Georgetown University and Dana Farber Institute, part of Harvard Medical School. The scientific studies resulting from IMSEP were published in Nature among others. Furthermore, he was funding father and first president of the Word Association of Young Psychiatrists and Trainees in 2005. In 2009 he guided the Section of Administrative Psychiatry of the Dutch Psychiatric Association to the status of National Association for Administrate Psychiatry during his tenure as president (2003-2012). He regularly gives presentations at home and abroad (e.g. in the USA (San Diego, Washington DC, NY, Atlanta etc., London, Madrid, Singapore, Florence, Berlin and Amsterdam), publishes papers and several books on administrative psychiatric issues (e.g. outcome measures, leadership), organizes several National and International conferences and symposia and develops devices to enhance the quality the clinical care process. Over time he has built up an impressive international network and is an active member of the American Association of Psychiatric Administrators (AAPA) and American Association for Technology in Psychiatry (AATP) of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). He is the current chief psychiatrist and Medical Director of a large addiction center, in the Middle of the Netherlands, Novadic-Kentron and was former chief psychiatrist and Medical Director of Victas addiction center in Utrecht 2013-2016. He continues his research on new treatments in Addiction, Outcome Measurement, Monitoring and Management together with his (international) research group with Bill Narrow former research director of the APA. Since 2014 he is involved in research on the use of apps and started recently his research in the field of virtual reality. In 2015 he became a member of the Committee of Administration and Leadership of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry and was awarded with the Martin Symonds M.D. Man of Good Conscience Award given by the Association of Women Psychiatrists (2015). He became an International Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (2017) and was recently awarded with the Administrative Psychiatric Award of the American Psychiatric Association in May 2019. In May 2020 he became the first international president of the American Association of Psychiatric Administration and Leadership (AAPAL) He is married and has two African-American daughters that attended the workshop for children of psychiatrists in 2015 at the annual meting of the APA in Toronto, Canada.

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