Presidents Message:

CreelmanA winter hello to all the members of the American Association of psychiatric Administrators as well as our resident and medical school members. We are fast approaching our annual American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in San Diego (May 20-24) which will be a busy time for the AAPA.

One of our beloved members and current APA Assembly representative, Barry Herman, MD, MMM will be receiving the 2017 Administrative Psychiatry Award on Monday, May 22 at 10-11:30 a.m. in room 33C of the San Diego Convention Center. We hope as many as possible of our membership will be able to attend Barry’s lecture as hid breadth of experience and wit should make this event one of the highlights of the convention.
We will also tentatively hold our AAPA annual Executive Council meeting the same day between 2-5:00 p.m. All are invited for your input and involvement in the future direction of the organization. Several of our members will be hosting symposia and lectures that are still being scheduled, and we hope to get this information out to you as soon as they are finalized.

We will also choose the winning resident paper and announce the recipient of the 2017 winner of our annual competition for the administrative psychiatry paper award that will be promptly published in our Journal of Psychiatric Administration and Management, very ably edited by Sy Saeed, MD, our longstanding editor.

We plan on finalizing the details for an informal get-together at a nearby Gaslamp Village restaurant for networking purposes. We had over 50 attendees at our IPS get-together in Washington, DC last October, and hope to exceed that number in San Diego.

This is an exciting time for psychiatry and it is incumbent that psychiatric leaders and administrators take their roles seriously in creating organizations and practices that connect with the social challenges of our patient populations. How the evolution of the ACA will materialize, and the parity component for psychiatric and substance abuse reimbursement will be affected will certainly be of interest to all clinicians working to provide affordable and cutting-edge care to those individuals especially in the public sector that need our oversight with compassionate care.

The delivering of both expert pharmacological care as well as psychotherapeutic services will continue to be a challenge as our reimbursement continues to be inadequate in the long-term picture of patient care. Clinician performance is also becoming a topic that will evolve over time with quality standards being imposed for performance measures that will need to be carefully used as metrics for success in the desire for our patients to embrace the highest quality of lifestyle possible.

Psychiatry cannot function as a silo. We must increase our efforts to integrate our specialty with primary care providers to address the needs of the whole patient. The stigma of being in psychiatric treatment continues to soften yet still prevents many from seeking care when an integrated team approach usually is more successful. With the potential for psychiatric and non-psychotropic drug-drug interactions occurring, it remains critical that close communication between providers ensures the safety of our patients. Performance-based outcomes will only improve when integration of medical care is comprehensive and seamless.
I look forward to seeing you all in San Diego, hearing about your ideas and input to advance our organization. I encourage your active participation in the AAPA.

News From The American Association of Psychiatric Administrators
Wayne L. Creelman, MD, MBA, LFAPA
President, AAPA

AAPA Membership Luncheon, May 2015, Toronto, Canada Altha J. Stewart, M.D. Lecturer
From L-R: Julian Beezhold, Victor Buwalda, Altha Stewart, Thomas Newmark, Geetha Jayaram

May 2016 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia