What is the AAPA?

Leaders supporting leaders…

The American Association of Psychiatric Administrators (AAPA), established in 1961, is the premiere educational, networking, and support resource for psychiatrists interested in administration and management. The AAPA promotes medical leadership and medical excellence in behavioral healthcare systems, including services for mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities. With the ultimate aim of enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and humanity in service delivery, the AAPA seeks to promote the professional development of psychiatrists:

  1. at all levels of expertise, from novice to experts
  2. who practice in sites of varying complexity, from solo practice to large healthcare systems; and
  3. who represent various sectors, including public, private, and academic.

The AAPA is dedicated to assisting leaders in the field of psychiatry and psychiatric administration…

  • to enrich the therapeutic environment in which services are provided for mental, substance use, or developmental disorders.
  • to apply administrative theories effectively within the full range of practice arenas and psychiatric subspecialities.
  • to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, consumer satisfaction, and humanity in all facets of service delivery.
  • to provide consultation, education, and support through the membership network and to serve as a resource for other psychia- trists and behavioral health administrators who strive for excellence in psychiatric administration and management.

AAPA Council Members List