Presidents Message:

CreelmanHello fellow members of the American Association of Psychiatric Administrators and our recent 29 new resident and medical school members.  As your recently elected President (Atlanta 2016 APA), I believe this upcoming year will be one of new challenges and excitement for the organization.

Our organization is about psychiatric leadership and taking on new roles that will advance the field of behavioral care for our patients.  From conducting psychotherapy, prescribing psycho-tropics and supporting our vulnerable population, our task is to advocate on behalf of our patients regarding better coverage, parity of benefits and opening doors to rehabilitation for our patients.

The majority of our membership cares for patients in the public sector.  Our membership excel in teaching others about leadership, delivering award lectures, and publishing relevant articles in our Journal  – The Journal of Psychiatric Administration and Management, very ably edited by Sy Saeed, MD.  We have a long history of conducting symposia and workshops at both the APA and IPS annual meetings.

At the IPS meeting in Washington, DC (October 6-9, 2016), we plan on:

  • Having an informal get-together at a sports restaurant for networking
  • Inviting local psychiatric leaders to address our group
  • Providing our cell phones for mentoring younger members
  • Meeting our members from other countries
  • Conversing about our goals and course correcting our direction to be current with 2016
  • Encouraging articles for our Journal to educate the public about our mission

So, I look forward to hearing about your ideas and input to advance our organization and encourage your active participation.  We have just added a resident member to our Executive council.  Visit our website often.

Wayne L. Creelman, MD, MBA, LDFAPA

McCabe Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida

Division Chief of Community Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida

AAPA Membership Luncheon, May 2015, Toronto, Canada Altha J. Stewart, M.D. Lecturer
From L-R: Julian Beezhold, Victor Buwalda, Altha Stewart, Thomas Newmark, Geetha Jayaram

Executive Council Meeting at the IPS, October 2015